Andi & David's wedding Andi & David's wedding
This cake was made for a dear friend's wedding recpeption. Cake sizes used 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" square cakes.

Andi & David's wedding Andi & David's wedding
Andi and David requested a "tank" cake as they were married on the military base and rode off in a tank. I added the draped flag (idea from Janet Brown's wonderful creations). All on the cake is edible except the tank turret which was a fondant covered drinking straw.

Cassie & David's wedding
This cake was made for a cousin's wedding recpeption. Fall leaves are made of fondant. Acrons are marzipan.

Andi & David's wedding My first sculptured cake anything. The car is supposed to be a Dodge Viper. I went to the dealership to see one and they looked at me like I was a crazy woman and said I couldn't find on on the lot.

Katy's Bridal Shower Cake
This cake was made for a bridal shower. The bride wanted tulips for her wedding but they were out of season. We decided to give her the tulips with the bridal shower cake. The idea for this cake came from Wilton's Tulip Splendor Cake. Cake sizes used 6", 10" and 14".

Jackie's Wedding Cake Jackie's Wedding Cake
My first wedding cake, on the sides are periwinkle daisies with yellow roses on the tops of the cakes. The groom's cake is a pick up truck. Cake sizes 6", 8", 10" and 10". The side cakes are 8" and a 10".

Betsy Ross Cake
The Betsy Ross cake was made for the 2002 doll cake decorating contest held by Wilton. The contest was to use one of the doll cake pans and use the theme of "Famous Folks".

Frog Cake Frog Cake
Frogs! A birthday cake for a frog fan.

Cheese Cake
A "cheese" cake, perfect for a wine and cheese party.

Happy Easter
This cake is a fun Easter cake. The sides have the basket weave with the top covered in grass with a few eggs and Easter lilies. The eggs were hollow chocolate eggs with a white candy shell which my niece helped by decorating with food coloring. Around the bottom border of the cake are figure piped yellow ducks and pink bunnies.

Happy Thanksgiving
A Thanksgiving cake with a pumpkin, corn and wheat. All are figured piped.

Slug Bug Cake Slug Bug Cake
A perfect cake for a "Slug Bug" fan.

An enchanted castle for a girl's 8th birthday.

This cake is hard to see. It is a frosted with chocolate and chocolate roses for decoration.

Standard cake made for my Wilton Cake decorating class. The fence and butterfly are made with color flow. Flowers are all made of royal icing.

Wedding Cake
Wedding cake made in Wilton's third course in cake decorating.

Fondant covered clown cake.

Little Dinosaur
A little dinosaur made for a bake sale.

One of the first cakes I made. Also, an early attempt at color flow.

For the frustrated fisherman.

Flower Power
Flower Power cake. Covered in fondant with chocolate flowers around the bottom.

Go Chiefs
Football cake with the Chiefs' arrowhead on the side.

Decorating a Gingerbread Man
I loved making this cake. From a Wilton yearbook it shows clowns decorating a gingerbread man.

A golf bag. The golf ball is a Russell Stover's golf ball truffle.

Fondant covered - the blue coloring is not fully mixed in to give it a marble look. Figure piped swan.

Humming Bird
This cake was for a humming bird fan. The area of the bird and flower are filled with colored piping gel to make it look like stained glass.

Birthday Cake
Birthday cake. Air brushed background with simple rose design.

Lady Bug
Lady Bug. Covered in fondant.

Lilly Pad
Lilly cake with cat tails on the side of the cake.

Peace Peace
PEACE! Marcey with her birthday shirt and matching cake.

Mardi Gras
Happy Mardi Gras! The domino mask is molded in purple colored white chocolate.

Graduating Marvin
A graduation cake for a Marvin the Martian fan.

Halloween Mummy
Mummy cake for Halloween. Mummy wraps are made from fondant and rolled out vanilla tootsie rolls.

Nicole's Bridal Shower
Nicole's bridal shower cake. Sorry it is a little fuzzy.


Penguin Play
Penguins are made of royal icing. Cake frosted with white fluff frosting. Water is colored piping gel.

Power Cat
Go Cats! For a KSU fan. Fondant covered. Coloring not mixed to give marble look.

Power Cat
Go Cats! For a KSU fan.

St. Patrick's Day
Air brushed St. Patrick's Day cake.

Turkey Turkey
Individual turkeys made from a cupcake. The face/neck are made of royal icing with the tail feathers of candy corn.

Y2K Bug
Watch out for the Y2K Bug! Air brushed background with figure piped "bug". The signs and wings are made from fondant.

The aliens are coming! The cup cake is covered in chocolate and the aliens is figured piped.

Hans Birthday
Happy Birthday. Simple birthday cake in chocolate.

Some brains to serve up at your next Halloween party. The brain is made of jello.

Chocolate butterflies brushed with siler or gold luster dust. The silver and gold is not as brassy in person. I think the flash on the camera made it show more.

Anniversary Cake
Anniversary cake. Cakes are covered in the basked weave then decorated with flowers. Roses are made in buttercream the remaining are royal icing. The butterfly is made of color flow.

Graduation cake. The grad cap and decoration are made of chocolate.

Graduation cake. Buttercream roses.

Grilling Grilling
A fun cake for a summer birthday or cook out. The hamburger and hotdogs are formed from candy clay.

Hot Dogs
Hot dog shortbread cookies.

Bad picture of a Halloween cake. Sides and top are decorated with spider webs.

White chocolate and sugar dipped strawberries for an Independence Day celebration.

Anniversary Cake Anniversary Cake
Simple cake for a 30th wedding anniversary.

Baby Shower chocolates
Chocolates for a baby shower.

Basketball Cake
Birthday cake for my basketball loving niece.

Computer Cake Computer Cake Mouse
Computer cake. The mouse and floppy disk are made of chocolate. The mouse is filled with mini m&m's.

Dracula/zombie cake for a halloween party. The cake was red velvet with a cool whip/fruit cocktail mixture for the "brain" inside the cake.

Ghost Cake
Ghosts on a tree stump.

Giraffe Cake
Giraffe cake.

Ocean Life Cake
Ocean life cake. The Ocean animals are molded from rolled buttercream.

Hand cuffs and badges
Chocolate handcuffs and badges used for a police academy graduation. The badges have the badge numbers of the graduates.

Family Tree Cake Family Tree Cake
Tree cake to take to a family reunion.

Hog wild Hog Wild
A water skiing pig cake. The pigs are molded from gum paste.

A sail boat cake done in gels. Water is air brushed.

Race Cars
Race cars cake.

1st Birthday
Decorated with gels to match a napkin for the party.

Arizona Bound
Cake done for a lady moving to Arizona.

Birthday package
My first package cake. The bow is made from fondant, the gift tag is wafer paper and written on with food coloring markers.

Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch
An Oscar the Grouch cake made for a co-worker who was being crabby about celebrating.

Under the Sea Under the Sea Under the Sea
Under the Sea theme for a baby shower. Close up pictures of the Loch Ness Monster and the octopus. All "fishy" items are made of fondant.

Hurray for Hollywood Hurray for Hollywood Hurray for Hollywood
Hurray for Hollywood themed cake made for the KOMOTC convention. All decorations are edible.

Crime Scene Crime Scene Crime Scene
A college graduation cake for my niece that wishes to become a forensic investigator. All decorations are made of fondant.

Whitney's Graduation Whitney's Graduation
An 8th grade graduation cake for my niece. Grad cap is made of chocolate with a fondant thunderbird and tassle.

Fiesta Fiesta
This cake was made for a mexican fiesta themed party. Idea for the cake came from a Wilton Yearbook. All is edible except the margarita glasses which are candles.

Rhinos Rhinos
Cake made for a KC Zoo Docent meeting. The rhinos are molded from fondant formed around rice crispie treats. The logs and rocks are fondant.

Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil Seafood boil
Cake made to take to a seafood boil. All pot contents are made from fondant.

Pyramid for Dad Pyramid for Whitney
A couple of pyramid cake that I have made. The King Tut Death Mask is made of chocolate. The palm trees are pretzels with wafer paper leaves. Again all is edible.

Wreath CCC
This is a wreath cupcake cake. Design from Brenda Hoye .

How to Cook a Turkey
Fondant turkey for Thanksgiving.

Figure piped Michalangelo.

Teresa package cake
Package cake made for my cousin's 50th (oh my! She doens't look a day over 30!) birthday. Bag is made of chocolate and the bows are fondant.